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Home Décor Ideas to re-live your childhood

Remember those summer holidays in your childhood when you visited your granny and she spent entire afternoons telling you stories? Fairy tales and fables are a part of our childhood. They gave us the right teachings and morals, they helped us imagine and made memories. How about bringing this part of your childhood into your home today? Your home is an extension of your personality so a few of your childhood memories and childhood home decor items at different corners of your home will make it special. Let us share some home décor ideas to re-live your childhood.

Best childhood home decor ideas

Home is a place to chill out, relax and be cozy. It is where you enjoy moments with your family and friends. Your entire space can feel fresh and bring back memories of your childhood if you carefully place childhood home decor items. Wouldn't it be lovely to share these memories with your kids now? Follow our home décor ideas to re-live childhood and make your home cozier and full of memories.

#1 Bring The ‘Three Little Rabbits’ Home

 Remember the Three Little Rabbits and their fate with the fox? How about bringing the three furry friends home and giving them a safe space? Would they look cute in your garden or in your living room? Place the hand-painted ‘Bustling Bunnies’ garden decorative show pieces in your garden to bring the farm fable look to your garden. These bunnies are handcrafted and hand-painted. They are made of iron and are durable to withstand rain and sun.

#2 Make your own fairy tale land with cottages and huts

 All of our tales and fables were famous for their magical lands and quaint little huts. Make your own fairy tale land with cute home décor items in your garden. If you live in an apartment and have a balcony you can use some of these home décor ideas to spruce up the space and bring life to your terrace or balcony. Hang a hut-shaped bird house or a cottage-shaped bird feeder high up. It will not only make the space look cute but also will attract the birds and you will do a good deed by feeding your little friends.

Add miniature huts in bigger planters at the base of the plant to bring in fairy tale charms. These miniature decorative showpieces are made of ceramic and add glaze and cuteness in your garden. They come in a set of five so that you can use in multiple planters or make your own fairyland setting.

#3 Adding characters to your garden and living room


You can make your garden cheerful by adding cute home décor items to beautify your space. Add small animal-shaped planters for your flowering plants and succulents. Terracotta planters are especially good for plants that like dry soil. Plants like cacti and succulents thrive well in terracotta planters.  Little hand-painted terracotta planters in different animal shapes look cute and bring life to your garden.

Add in the cute elephant showpiece at your foyer for welcoming your guests in your home. Or even the Rajasthani musical trio showpiece to bring in a little traditional touch.

#4 Add cuteness to your workstation

One of the easiest home décor ideas to follow to bring life to your workspace is by adding some foliage and plants to your work table. You look at the screen all day, looking at green plants for a quick break refreshes your mind. Add small planters in your workspace. You could put some air-purifying plants or succulents in your workspace which takes less caring. Bring in some character to your workspace with the Mellow Cat or Pecking Hen planter and make your work-from-home space cuter. How about adding the ‘Merry Cat’ pen stand to your worktable?

#5 Decorate your walls with handcrafted wall decor

No home décor ideas list can skip the walls. Wall décor is an essential part of your home décor. Instead of just brightly painted walls, use handcrafted home décor items to adorn your walls. Hang recycled wood wall décor items or cane designs to bring in the earthiness. They look beautiful on the walls and give a homely touch to your home décor. Buy wall decor online and transform the ways your walls look in a short time.

Ordering home décor online is the easiest way because you can get your choice of home décor items made by artisans across the country from the comfort of your home. Little knick-knacks here and there can spruce up your home and bring in the personal touch.

You can add various home décor items around your living room like character pen stands, metal decorative showpieces, tea light holders, and different showpieces. They give a beautiful homely touch to your home décor. You can add terracotta planters for indoor plants, and metal planters in your living room because home décor ideas with indoor plants are a trend now. Hand-painted and hand-crafted home décor items are long-lasting and add a regal touch to your home décor.  Little cute characters from fables and fairy tales make your living space lively and full of memories. Your home is a part of your personality. Do it up your way by adding your own personal touches with cute characters that you have always liked. Add in your childhood photos and every time your kid asks about them, you have a story to tell. Add in a few of your childhood memories and childhood home decor items at different corners of your home to make it special, because your home and your memories are special. Did you enjoy these home décor ideas to re-live your childhood?


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"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song." – Unknown



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