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Handicrafts are something identifying that adds special touch to the interior design of the homes for which individuals typically crave for. There are various Indian cities that are best known for their distinctive handicrafts. Some are mentioned below:

Jaipur–  The artwork and crafts of Jaipur are very most popular. The influence of Mughals are available from the paintings of renowned Garhwhal area of Uttarakhand. The college Museum in Srinagar is famous for exclusive and distinctive Mughta paintings. The craftsmen of Uttarakhand are masters at timber carving as it’s conducted all over the state.


Himachal Pradesh – In India, Himachal Pradesh is known for its distinctive handicrafts. This state is well-known for its metal and stone sculptures and handmade wooden dolls. Carpets, rugs, crafts of leather, antiques and paintings are lots of the popular handicrafts that you’ll find in Himachal Pradesh.

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Uttar Pradesh – Banarasi saree and Chikankari of Lucknow are well known handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. There are various cities at Uttar Pradesh that are best known for their different handicrafts. Bhadoi, Shahjahanpur and Mirzapur – Thes Cities are known due to the occupation of carpet weaving and haven’t only attracted Indian markets, but additionally Chinese designs and international market. Craftsmen here also weave the rugs in accordance with the taste of customers. Moradabad – This city is known for its metal ware. Here two kinds of engravings are completed over the metal. One is called Nakshi that is completed on the surface made of tin whilst other one is known as khudai and is done on brass that is unpolished. Khurja in Uttar Pradesh is known for earthenware. Potters here add colors to smooth ceramics and make them attractive and lively

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