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Types Of Candle Holders Of Diwali Decorations And Gifts

1. Tealight Candle Holder

With a few ingenious tealight candle holder designs, you can truly make these little gems shine out in any space. In many homes, tea-light candle holders are a familiar sight. These candle stands are easy to use and complement specific types of candles exquisitely. In addition, these are perfect for adding a little ambient lighting because they are made to hold tiny candles. Tealights can be arranged in a variety of easy and clear ways. But if you want these lights to be a part of your décor, you need to hang them more originally and imaginatively.

Cage Candle Tealight Holder


2. Votive Candle Holder

As its name suggests, votive candle holders are designed to hold votive candles. Short candles termed votive candles are intended to be placed inside votives. These candleholders help the candle’s wax pool, extending the candle’s burn period. Votive candles have a distinctive bell-top design that facilitates the wax to melt smoothly and completely. Such types of candles are taller than tea-light candles. Their construction guarantees that the aroma is dispersed gently and uniformly. Votive candles don’t come in a confined cup, so they are completely liquefied.

votive tealight holder

5. Moroccan Candle Holders

One of the most attractive candle holders that you may get could be a hurricane lamp. Since they are tall enough to shield the candle inside from the wind, these lamps are known as hurricane lamps. By filling the inside to match the season or your taste, they offer countless customisation choices and are practical to use outside.

This prevents the candle from being easily extinguished. With these holders, you may light space and also set a wonderful scene that is appropriate for the season. A hurricane candle holder will look great both inside and out, complementing a table or bookshelf inside or out.

moroccan tealight holder

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