7 DIWALI HOME DECORATION IDEAS- How To Decorate Your Home On Diwali Occasion 7 DIWALI HOME DECORATION IDEAS- How To Decorate Your Home On Diwali Occasion 7 DIWALI HOME DECORATION IDEAS- How To Decorate Your Home On Diwali Occasion | JaipurCrafts Blogs blog


7 DIWALI HOME DECORATION IDEAS- How To Decorate Your Home On Diwali Occasion

Diwali is a celebration of light, and having some fresh Diwali home decoration ideas is essential. We all know that traditional materials tend to adorn the home, however, in order to stand out, we must do more.

But that’s not all; there are plenty of additional methods to enhance your Diwali decorations. We’ve compiled an exclusive collection of ideas to help you spread some excitement throughout your home. 

Make Diyas to Decorate Your Home

When it comes to Diwali decoration ideas for the home, beautiful diya decorations play the most important role. They are one of the most traditional objects for home decorating, and this festival of lights would be incomplete without Diwali diya décor at home. On Diwali, it is customary to light diyas of various colours. Some diyas can be painted inside and out to make them more appealing. The oil assists the diyas in burning and producing a lovely ambiance.

candle holder for diwali decorations

Diwali Home Decoration Lanterns

Lanterns have been around for a long time. During the auspicious festival of Diwali, people create images of deities on lanterns to give them a religious aspect. Lanterns are now a multicoloured ball of paper and spread colours when lit. Try Diwali lantern crafts as a decorating idea to fill your home with light and joy.


diwali lalterns for home decor

Diwali Decoration Candles & Candle Stands

There are several candle varieties, starting with standard candles. On Diwali, ordinary candles and scented candles are often used. Why not attempt floating candles in water this Diwali to get your home ready for celebrations.

If candles can be used, then candle stands too can be unique way to decorate your home. Diwali necessitates elegantly made coloured candle stands with a festive flair. A wide range of brass-made candle stands are available now in the market, you can use them for performing aarti.

diwali candle holders for home decor

Rangoli Preparation

Rangoli is the most significant Diwali attraction. A true art show with varied shades of powder colours can be captivating. If you plan to try new colourful designs for a lively appearance, rangolis can now also be created using watercolours or acrylics. They are seen as a symbol of good fortune on the festival of Diwali.

Diwali Flower Decoration

Flowers are vital for Diwali house decorating. There are countless varieties of flowers from which to effortlessly adorn your entire property. When you use flowers, it gives off a heavenly atmosphere.

Diwali Lights and Jars Decoration

Spare bottles and jars have been popular as decorations in recent years. Similarly, rice lights in glass jars and bottles are a great addition too. You may use this concept to decorate your home for Diwali by hanging the bottles and jars or placing them on tables.

Consider Wall Hangings Decoration 

On this Diwali, you can hang some gorgeous wall hangings of deities. On this day, Gods Laxmi and Ganesh are worshipped. You can try many different embellished and lovely wall hangings of Laxmi and Ganesh.

We hope our collection of Diwali decoration ideas proves useful. You may take any of these concepts, combine two or three, or give them a fresh spin based on your preferences. This Diwali, impress your visitors with unique decor. Give guests a reason to return, and not just for the sweets.

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