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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree- Christmas Decorations item

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Hands down my favorite time of year is Christmas, I stay inspired and am known to change (and add) décor until Christmas Eve! I love turning our home into our winter wonderland, and this year I want to encourage you to create a winter wonderland of your own.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing all my best tips and tricks in my Christmas blog series, “How to decorate your home for the holidays like a pro.” In this edit, I will share how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional and perfecting that professional look!


Decorating for Christmas is indeed a family event at our house with everyone getting in on the fun. Queue N’sync Happy Holidays and let the decorating begin. Whatever theme you choose (traditional, monochromatic, natural, etc.) follow these steps and you will have a beautiful, polished tree. I have spent years perfecting my Christmas tree  skills and am so excited to share my tried and tested tips and tricks. I have laid these out step by step so you too can master decorating your Christmas tree like a pro!

Step 1 – Let It Glow


The single most important thing to do to your tree (both artificial or real) is fluff, and I mean fluff. Fluffing is the dreaded part (AGREE), but if you fluff and fill in the holes, you will have a bountiful tree, the perfect canvas for decorating.

I love a tree that sparkles and glimmers, adding in extra lights even with a pre-lit tree is optional, but makes a big difference. To create a multi-dimensional tree, incorporate different shape (globe, Edison, etc.) lights by layering them over the traditional strung lights. Make sure all the lights are the same hue of color, achieving a seamless appearance. Leave the lights on throughout the entire decorating process as you continue to layer on the beauties.

Step 2 Part 1 – Wrap It

christmas tree decoration items

A common mistake when decorating a Christmas tree is placing ribbon/garland as the final step (or not at all!). You want to incorporate your ribbon early on in the process, so it becomes part of the tree and is your base layer. When choosing your ribbon make sure to select a wired ribbon, making it pliable and will hold the shape as you form the layers. I use 4-5” wide, anything smaller doesn’t have that same WOW feel. If you find a narrower ribbon you love, try layering this ribbon over your larger ribbon or using this in addition to a larger ribbon.

Pro Tip: when adding the ribbon, start 1/5th of the way from the top of the tree. To make your ribbon to go further cut into 7”-14” strips and place in the tree using a nonuniform, zigzag pattern (tuck the top into the tree, leaving 5-7” exposed, then tuck in the bottom). To secure use floral wire or wrap using the artificial branches.

Step 2 Part 2 – Ribbon Garland

If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen me go on and on about this subject. If you continue to struggle with ribbon (or if you really love layers like me) this is your answer. This is the easiest ribbon out there and will make your tree (or any décor) shine!

I started near the top and let the ribbon naturally twist and fall down the tree. I tucked the strand slightly into the tree every 12”-18” as well as at the top and bottom of the ribbon.

Don’t over think this process. The ribbon falls beautifully in its own, let is do its thing. If you feel it needs a little extra twist, give it one then do a simple tuck and continue to let that beauty fall. I don’t cut the ribbon until I am at my stopping point near the bottom of the tree; tuck and cut!

Step 3 – Top It Off

I daydream about tree toppers! If you are using a more traditional topper (angel, star, etc.), add at your pleasure. If you are inspired and looking to get creative, design your topper (bows, picks, ribbon) and now is the time to add. Leaving the ribbon off the top portion of the tree allows you to add in the topper and make a seamless transition.

I added my bow approx. 6” from the top of the tree so that I had room to add in picks and more picks. I try to use picks that have shorter stems and that are full and whimsy. Start by adding approx. 7 stems on the bottom, outer layer. Work your way in by adding a different set of stems and using less of them. Work your way to the very top and center. I tend to use approx. 2-3 picks and placing them as if they are one unit. If they aren’t full as a single stem this is a great way to achieve that look.


Let’s talk ornaments! First, start with large ornaments or large objects (XL balls, lanterns, presents) attaching them at the bottom and using smaller sizes as you move upwards


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