5 Clever Small Space Decorating Ideas to Maximize Your Area - how to 5 Clever Small Space Decorating Ideas to Maximize Your Area - how to website 5 Clever Small Space Decorating Ideas to Maximize Your Area - how to


5 Clever Small Space Decorating Ideas to Maximize Your Area - how to decorate the small spaces in home

Decorating small spaces with limited square footage can be challenging because there’s little room — no pun intended — to operate. You must ponder design elements profoundly and creatively to produce an illusion of space. Every situation is unique, but these five tried-and-true small house ideas and tips are universally applicable.

Optimize Room Layout

Layout dictates arrangement and movement, so it’s the first thing you must nail to decorate a small room. A terrible floor plan can make even larger spaces cramped. Just imagine how messy your space will feel when you mix an atrocious layout with a small living room.

Consider function, focal points, traffic flow, and negative space when devising a suitable layout. Before anything else, determine what the room is for. Is it for resting, hosting guests, dining, cooking, playing?

Small house interior design must start with the room’s purpose. If you decorate it with disregard to why it exists, you won’t be able to use it as intended even though it’s pretty.

Regardless of size, all rooms must have a center of attention — something that immediately draws the eyes of observers. While a focal point can be anything, think twice about choosing an object that eats horizontal or vertical space to enjoy every inch of the room.

A seamless traffic flow separates well-thought-out room layouts from lazily conceptualized house plans. Again, the space’s function must call the shots. If the room is for entertainment, the seats must be painlessly accessible, and the monitor must be unobstructed. If the room is a kitchen, form a triangle with your fridge, stove, and sink placements and leave nothing inside the space between them to keep this work area open and boost movability.

The areas you leave empty — negative space — are as vital as the ones occupied — positive space. Negative space is visually lighter than positive space, so you need more of the former to counterbalance the latter and enjoy plenty of breathing room.

Bringing in things from the walls, skipping wall-hung cabinetry, using furniture with legs, and having open shelving are excellent ways to avoid maxing out your room’s inherent negative space.


Have a Minimalist Mindset


Minimalist rooms rarely have clutter because they lack unnecessary, duplicate, and broken items. Their contents are just essentials. That’s why they usually have plenty of negative space.

To make your messy small space minimalist, value quality over quantity. If an appliance can do the chores of various devices, choose it and pick the best of its kind if your pocketbook permits.

Cheap items tend to wear quickly. Instead, go with products you can — and will — use for years. Be mindful of your purchases. Think long and hard before you fill your shopping cart to avoid impulse buys that quickly get old.

Room feel and aesthetics aside, minimalism can also improve your mental health. It promotes cleanliness, which 66% of people consider vital to a good night’s sleep. A minimalist mindset is about decorating your space with only the things that bring you genuine happiness. It encourages you to own less to unburden yourself of the duties that come with possessions.


Increase Storage

Abundant storage is necessary for small house decoration and boosts cleanliness and organization. Clutter breeds chaos, which correlates to higher levels of stress and emotional exhaustion. Ensure what must be hidden stays out of sight and arrange it accordingly to maximize space.



How well you store away and organize your belongings depends on the design of your storage solution systems. Boxy cabinets, layers of open shelves, rows of drawers, and tall closets are typical. These classic storage units are timeless and may work wonders for some small spaces. But storage solutions hiding in plain sight are an underlooked small home idea.

Furniture with hidden compartments is a winner. Almost every conceivable type of furniture has a version with secret storage. There are swinging coat racks veiling cavities, sliding mirrors doubling as jewelry boxes, shoe racks within bench seat profiles, and removable floating shelves covering sneaky drawers. One Google search will prove the endless design possibilities for furniture with hidden storage.


Combine the Right Colors

Psychology says paint colors in brighter hues make smaller areas appear larger because they reflect and bounce light. Your safest bets are cool neutrals — such as soft gray, ivory, cream, pewter gray, and beige.


No Small-Space Design Problem Is Too Big to Solve

Roominess is a desirable feature homes of any size can have. Follow the above small space ideas to increase your room’s square footage spatially, psychologically, and even literally without bank-breaking improvements.

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