In India, people celebrate unique festivals in which they worship Hindu deities. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the unique relationship of a brother and sister. It’s a day when siblings come together to celebrate their bond with rakhi and rakhi gifts for each other. 

Have you recently become a sister to a newborn baby brother? Congratulations! Then this Raksha Bandhan will be your first time celebrating with your baby brother. Even though he is so little, he won’t understand the festival, but as his sister, you must want to make this festival very special for him. Here’s how you can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with a baby brother and make the day special for him. 

Baby-friendly rakhis

rakhi for kids

The first thing you need for celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your newborn baby brother is the right rakhi. A simple rakhi is the best choice for your little brother. Ensure that the rakhi for newborn baby brother is skin-friendly and comfortable. Also, ensure that the color of the rakhi doesn’t run. You can shop for the best newborn baby rakhis online, but keep the points mentioned in mind.

You can also tie golden or silver rakhi to your baby brother. You can also make a rakhi using soft foam or felt sheets, ribbons, and other embellishments for your baby brother. But, if you use beads and small decorative, make sure those don’t come off.

Loose rakhis

Loose rakhi for Kids


Another thing to remember when celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your baby brother is how you tie the rakhi. Usually, we all tie a rakhi a little tighter around a wrist for comfort. But this may cause some discomfort to the newborn. Hence, ensure that you tie a loose rakhi around the baby’s wrist for easy blood circulation. Tying a rakhi too tightly may also cause itching or rashes to the baby, which must be avoided. 


Take things slow

celebrate rakhi with my Newborn Brother


Raksha Bandhan is a joyous festival celebrated with upbeat enthusiasm and a gathering of loved ones. Your baby brother won’t quite understand what’s going on and why there’s so much excitement in the air. Too many sounds and buzz around can make the little one scared or overwhelmed. So, during the Raksha Bandhan rakhi tying custom, reduce the tone of the celebrations for your baby and take things slow.


Age-appropriate rakhi gifts 

rakhi for sister

Another to do for Raksha Bandhan celebrations with your baby brother is getting age-appropriate gifts for him. You can promote his overall development and safety by selecting the right gift for his age. Gifts like toys come with small parts, which may be a choking hazard for the baby. So, ensure the gift for the baby you choose is good for the baby. Here are some rakhi gift ideas for baby brother:

Soft toys – Soft toys are one of the best gifts you can give to your little sibling as a rakhi gift. Such toys are soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Soft toys can provide comfort and security to your baby brother when he is anxious. As these toys are available in different colors and textures, they can stimulate a baby’s senses. 

Clothes – New clothes are the some of the best gifts that you can gift to your baby brother on Rakshabandhan. You pick a baby suit, onesies, tees, pants, or anything you like. The colorful clothes you pick for your dearest baby brother will make him look even more adorable. 

Baby books – You can also give baby books to your little brother. Baby books include colorful pictures of cartoons, alphabets, and numbers your baby brother will love to see. And this will also encourage him to read and love books when he grows older.

Comfy blankets – Gifting a comfy blanket is also an excellent option for your new baby brother. Like a soft toy, a blanket will provide security and comfort to your newborn baby brother. It will also promote sleep and give warmth to him.



rakhi for small brother

Raksha Bandhan is spending quality time with siblings and expressing love to each other. When your little baby brother is awake, you can play with him or carry him in your arms. Make sure to click some pictures. Your baby brother may not remember or understand anything right now, but you can show all those pictures years later to relive this Raksha Bandhan. 

Your baby brother is so adorable and delicate. Although he won’t remember the celebrations when he grows up, you can still make the day special for him. Get him the best gifts and rakhi for this occasion. And, if you don’t know where to shop for newborn baby rakhi, you can visit It’s a well-known online rakhi store that offers a huge collection of rakhis for babies and many more gifts. You can buy and send rakhi to India, to any city, with free shipping through this store.  

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