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Tasteful staircase decorating ideas to make your home look a class apart!

These days, along with the overarching interior design and decor of your home, various nooks and crannies and focal points are equally paid heed to! For instance, who would have thought that a commonplace staircase can become a talking point just with the right decor?

With the right decor, even the dullest section of your home can be turned into an eye-catching element of your home’s interiors. And the same goes for staircases that occupy a considerable space. With our stairs decoration tips and tricks, you can spruce up your stairways in such a way that they remain functional and also look incredibly stylish.

Here are some of the most creative staircase decorating ideas that will catch everyone’s eye and create a lasting impression.

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Simple Wall Decor For Your Home

One of the most accessible ideas for stairs decoration is to do up the staircase wall with interesting frames. It’s budget-friendly, fun, and easy to execute.  Check out this living room with a decorative staircase wall design. It consists of multiple wooden frames in various shapes, sizes, and pictures. This staircase wall decorating idea allows you to create a corner with personalised photos that form a core memory for all the family members. These photos can be from a family vacation, your kids’ graduation day, a family wedding portrait, et al. Not only the ample woodwork in this living room is completely in line with this stair wall decor but also gives the space a homely and welcoming feel. The best part – you can keep adding new photos to the staircase wall in an upwards direction.


Home Decoration With Wallpaper

This staircase decorating idea can transform your space without costing you a bomb. Use printed wallpaper on your staircase wall to give it a quirky look. We are completely obsessed with this colourful living room and stairway that comes with black and white striped wallpaper. Vertical stripes look edgy and make for an eye-catching design. You can easily find a myriad of wallpaper designs, patterns, colours, and textures to suit your budget and lifestyle. They’re easy to install and need minimum maintenance. Adding a vibrant wallpaper is also one of the best enclosed stairway decorating ideas because it livens up the closed area.

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Staircase decoration is not just limited to the walls or the railings. It involves decking up the areas next to the staircase as well. This staircase with a beautiful backdrop is a sight to behold! But without the right stair corner decor, it looks incomplete. So pick a small wooden table that goes well with your home’s interiors and add an indoor plant for a quick stair corner decoration. You can stack your favourite books or use this table for keeping some scented candles. Another great trick is to display your kids’ artwork on the wooden table as an encouragement for them to keep being creative. If you fancy something more stylish, you can replace the stair corner table with a metal planter and a tall indoor plant. Let your creativity run wild!



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